Staircase In A Mansion

The play of light on a well polished staircase makes for good conceptual photography. The staircase being the subject matter of this picture is that of a mansion once used by the 1st Menteri Besar of the State of Johor, Dato Ja’afar bin Muhammad.

Located at Bukit Senyum, Johor Bahru, the mansion was built in 1893 and completed in 1896, with the mansion’s design influenced by Matlock Castle as well as Hardwick Hall, both of which are in Derbyshire, England.

Upon the passing in 1919 of Dato’ Ja’afar Muhammad, ownership of the mansion reverted to the State of Johor and has since then been used by the Japanese occupation forces, British administrators and even as a teachers’ training college.

It is today a museum dedicated to the many personalities from the State of Johor who have risen to prominence through their contributions in the many and different fields of economics, commerce, fine arts, politics et al.

Images by Shah Said ; @ all rights reserved ; 2019

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