This image of the Darul Hana bridge (opened in 2017) at the Kuching Waterfront was originally taken in October 2018, with the new Sarawak Legislative Assembly (officiated in 2009) as the backdrop. Both the Darul Hana bridge and the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly are now what can be considered as the new landmarks of Kuching.

The picture may have been taken in 2018 but the memories of that trip still linger, not only for the opportunity to travel to places I have never been before eg Bau and Kota Samarahan, but also for the many wonderful snapshots I was able to add to my collection. Some of these snapshots have been posted in this blog.

For the technically inclined, it was taken using my handphone, a ViVo. Which model, for the life of me, I can’t remember but nothing fancy though.

(photo credit : Shah Said ; @ all rights reserved)