Tasik Biru, The Blue Lake of Bau

Opened to the public in 2001, Tasik Biru or the Blue Lake is a tourist attraction located in the rustic town of Bau in Sarawak. Located inland, Bau is about 45 minutes, depending on traffic, away from Kuching, the capital of the state of Sarawak.

The lake was once drained of its watery contents and gold mining activities carried out, as late as 1988. However, strong objections from the local community put a halt to the mining activities with the lake allowed to be refilled and settle.

There are many stories surrounding the lake. Some are real and some more myth than anything else, with the incident of a bus with 28 primary school children and 2 trainee teachers plunging into the lake being the most tragic.

Today, the lake receives guests from far and wide, with the lake offering some of the best sceneries available, especially for a small town like Bau.

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