The Nusantara is a region in South East Asia comprising of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Southern Thailand, and the Philippines.

The different peoples shared many common traits eg the spoken language ie Malay (despite the different dialects), religious (Islam being the main faith followed in the region as well as Roman Catholicism, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism) , the art of self-defense (silat), range and types of weaponry (multi function, naturally) are some of them.

Amongst all the weaponry, the Keris or Kris, is the most notable. Besides defending oneself, it has ceremonial functions attached, and is most often used when it is to take up and honour a responsibility of utmost importance.

For example, His Majesty The King of Malaysia, upon his appointment would kiss the State Ceremonial Keris, as a symbol of solemn acceptance of his appointment, post and responsibility, as do His Majesties, The Malay Sultans.

The Keris, like the Japanese Samurai swords, also has the long Keris and the short Keris and like the Japanese swords of the Samurai, the short one is tucked in at the waistband whilst the long Keris is always carried in the hand.

Peoples of the Nusantara – so different, yet so many similarities.