Jugra of Selangor

Jugra is one of those names that does not roll off the tongue easily. That being said, it has a great historical importance attached to it as it was, once upon a time, the royal seat of the state of Selangor during the reigns of the 4th Sultan of Selangor, His Majesty Sultan Abdul Samad (1857-1898) as well as the 5th Sultan of Selangor, His Majesty Sultan Alaeddin Sulaiman Shah (1889-1938).

Today, Jugra is famous for being one of the best locations for para- and hang-gliding enthusiasts, with the base of the Bukit Jugra lighthouse as the take-off point.

In addition, the Sultan Abdul Samad Royal Mausoleum also provides history buffs a reason to visit Jugra as are the Istana Bandar (the royal residence of Sultan Alaeddin Sulaiman Shah) and Bukit Melawati (the royal residence of Sultan Abdul Samad).

Worth a visit, if you are into history.

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