Dusk at Teluk Balau

Teluk Balau is a location just a few kilometres away from the popular tourist destination of Desaru, on the east coast of Johor, which is about an hour’s drive from the Johor state capital of Johor Bahru.

In the day especially on weekends and on public holidays, many a people would come picnic, take a dip in the waters and basically just unwind and relax.

Come night time, the place comes alive with many an eating stall offering seafood and other types of fare. For folks who do not eat at home as well as students pursuing various courses at the different centres of training within the locality itself, it is the choice destination to go have dinner whilst enjoying the evening breeze.

20141026_190203 (1)
View of the pier facing the waters of the South China Sea, as dusk sets in at Teluk Balau. (photo credit : nachmeinemeinung ; @ all rights reserved)
20141026_190231 (1)
Low tide as night descends in Teluk Balau. (photo credit : nachmeinemeinung ; @ all rights reserved)
20141026_190318 (1)
Night setting in at Teluk Balau, with food stall operators setting their stalls for the night’s business, under the bright neon lights. (photo credit : nachmeinemeinung ; @ all rights reserved)

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