Istana Kesultanan Melaka Museum

The Kesultanan Melaka Museum is a scaled down replica of the palace of the Melaka Sultanate at its height, with the design and construction based on manuscripts describing the palace of the Melaka Sultanate.

The Melaka Sultanate began in 1400 by Parameswara. Under the rule of Parameswara and his successors, Melaka flourished into one of the main trading ports within the region, and coupled together with the coming of Islam to the region and Melaka itself, a centre of Islamic learning as well.

With a vibrant and rich economy as well as its station as a centre of learning, it was natural that Melaka was also recognised as a regional powerhouse, not only be kingdoms in the region but also powerhouses as far away as China.

Legends abound with famous names of the era eg Tun Perak, the Bendahara and mentor to several Melaka Sultans, Tun Tuah and his sworn blood brothers, Tun Jebat, Tun Kasturi, Tun Lekir and Tun Lekiu.

The Melaka Sultanate suffered a serious setback when Melaka fell to the invading Portuguese forces under the command of Alfonso de Albuquerque, in 1511.

With the fall of Melaka, all evidence of the Melaka Sultanate including the homes of its leaders and Islamic centres of learning and mosques, were eliminated.

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20150214_105356 (2)
Muzium Kesultanan Melaka (The Melaka Sultanate Museum) (nachmeinemeinung @ all rights reserved)
20150214_105337 (1)
Welcome to The Kesultanan Melaka Museum. (nachmeinemeinung @ all rights reserved)
20150214_112037 (1)
The Kesultanan Melaka Museum (Interior View) (nachmeinemeinung @ all rights reserved)
20150214_111439 (1)
Portrayal of a Malay tragedy and dilemma – the death of Tun Jebat in the arms of Tun Tuah. Tun Jebat committed treason against the Sultan, for the injustice meted out to Tun Tuah, his sworn blood brother, whilst Tun Tuah upheld loyalty to the Sultan as foremost. (nachmeinemeinung @ all rights reserved)
20150214_110007 (1)
Portrait of the 6th Sultan of Melaka, Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah (1477 – 1488) who was known to patrol the streets of Melaka in the dead of the night, and at times encountered smugglers, thieves and robbers during his patrols. (nachmeinemeinung @ all rights reserved)
20150214_112029 (1)
The event that lead to the birth of the Legend of the Lima Saudara (The Five Brothers) (nachmeinemeinung @ all rights reserved)
20150214_111948 (1)
The Kesultanan Melaka Museum – Exhibits (nachmeinemeinung @ all rights reserved)
20150315_104147 (1)
The Kesultanan Melaka Museum – View of the replica of the Forbidden Gardens (nachmeinemeinung @ all rights reserved)
20150214_114400 (1)
Commemoration on the Pronouncement of Melaka as A Historic City – 15 April 1989 (nachmeinemeinung @ all rights reserved)
20150315_103927 (1)
Flora in the replica Forbidden Garden on the grounds of the Kesultanan Melaka Museum. (nachmeinemeinung @ all rights reserved)
20150214_114426 (1)
The Kesultanan Melaka Museum (nachmeinemeinung @ all rights reserved)

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