Lunch by the Paddy Fields of Kedah

Something has to be said about having lunch by the paddy fields of Kedah, the Rice Bowl of Malaysia, and a sumptuous one at that.

Its pretty basic down-to-earth fare, served buffet style. Definitely not of the kind served nor found at 5-Star locales. But sumptuous nevertheless.

The sight of already-harvested paddy fields adds to the rustic feel that is the kampung (Malay for village) setting, what with thatched roofs et al.

An experience to be recommended and definitely, one to be repeated.

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Restoran Selera Kampung Pisang - Entrance
The signboard at the entrance of Restoran Selera Pokok Pisang. Notice the script which is written in Jawi, which is the Malay language written with the use of the Arabic script. (April 2017 ; Vivo V5 ; nachmeinemeinung @ All Rights Reserved)
Nondescript to say the least, the entrance belies the sumptuous fare available inside. (April 2017 ; Vivo V5 ; nachmeinemeinung @ All Rights Reserved)
Restoran Selera Kampung Pisang
Scenery from inside the restaurant, which is typical of most eateries set in the rustic ambience of the locale. The use of traditional roofing material helps to provide a cool atmosphere despite situated adjacent to paddy fields. The food served is down to earth but sumptuous, and the prices more than reasonable. Definitely worth another visit. (April 2017 ; Vivo V5 ; nachmeinemeinung @ All rights reserved)
The paddy fields, adjacent to Restoran Selera Pokok Pisang, with its paddy already harvested, adding to the rustic ambience that is Restoran Selera Pokok Pisang. (April 2017 ; Vivo V5 ; nachmeinemeinung @ All rights reserved)
View of a paddy field, already harvested, as far as the eye can see. No wonder the state of Kedah is called the Rice Bowl of Malaysia. Soon, the fields will be cleared and made ready for the new batch of paddy seedlings, and the cycle is repeated. Such scenes are replicated all over the Rice Bowl of Kedah. (April 2017 ; Vivo V5 ; nachmeinemeinung @ All Rights Reserved)

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